Masters Weightlifting

Using the Sinclair and Meltzer-Faber Coefficients


To those holding a local meet and having a masters division: We don't expect you to have all of the age/bdwt divisions that we have in our masters meets, but we do have age adjustment coefficients and we would like for you to use this along with the Sinclair formula to make it fair to those masters taking part in your meet. Give as many awards to the masters as you want and tell them on your entry form the number of places.

If you have any questions please contact me (Howard Cohen) at .

To determine a lifter's "formula" total one multiplies his/her actual total by both the Sinclair coefficient and Meltzer-Faber coefficient.

Example: 44 year old male lifter, weighing 93.7 kg with a 225kg total

From the Meltzer table: Age 44 -> coefficient 1.189

From the Sinclair table (or formula) for a MALE: Body weight 93.7kg -> coefficient 1.142401

"formula" total = 225kg x 1.142401 x 1.189 = 305.621