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This site provides information about masters (age 35 and older) weightlifting in the USA. Through the links on the left of this page you can locate schedules of upcoming competitions, results of past competitions, qualifying totals, records, weightlifting publications, membership requirements, and locations of other related sites on the web. Please feel free to browse this site or contact us via email with questions or suggestions. Enjoy your visit!

Master's Newsletter is now online!

Masters USA singlet
from WerksanUSA

courtesy Joe DeLago

Now available in both men's and women's styles!

John Schou's weightlifting
wood carvings

Message from the Chairman

MASTERS, if you have not signed up for the Masters Newsletter, you are missing a lot of news about what is going on in the masters.
Cost is only $15 a year for 6 issues. Send a check to Masters Newsletter at 130 Brandywine Rd, Savannah, GA, 31405.

A special message from the master's chairman to local meet directors.
Sinclair formula and Meltzer-Faber coefficients available online.

USA Masters records can no longer be set at local competitions.

2016 National Masters entry form

start list

2015 American Masters

November 12-15, 2015

Final Results

2016 Masters World Cup - Tokyo, Japan

2015 IWF World Masters Championship


2015 World Masters Cup


2015 Pan-American Masters

Final Results

2015 National Masters

Final Results

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