Masters Weightlifting
2006 National Masters Championships

The Wally Underhill report

As many of you may know, Wallace Underhill fainted at the Masters Banquet last night. He was immediately attended to by the finest physicians and nurses in weightlifting. He was transported by ambulance to Del Sol Medical Center for observation. Mr. Gonzalo Gonzales accompanied him to the hospital. As of this morning, Mr. Underhill will be in the hospital for approximately two (2) days. He is fine and will be lifting again soon. "Wally" was to be presented the "Grand Slam Award" at the banquet for winning 4 gold medals in competition last year. To win this award, an individual must win a gold medal at our American Masters, the National Masters Championship, the Pan American Masters and the World Masters. We will present his award to him in the hospital and cheer him up. We wish Wally the best and that he gets well soon. I give you my word that we will take good care of him while he is in El Paso. The phone number to Del Sol Medical Center is (915) 595-9000 should you have a reason to call him. My sincere thanks to everyone who helped Mr. Underhill. ---- Doug Briggs - Sunday 4/9/2006

I just spoke to Wally Underhill at the Del Sol Medical Center, El Paso at 1130EST. Wally is doing great with 3 test on his heart yesterday and one more today to determine the blockage in his heart. His blood pressure is down to 143/73 but was very high yesterday. His swelling in his left arm is going down but goes not seem important to the doctors.
Wally is fully alert and speaks very wel and very positive. Doug Briggs, Meet Director, is keeping a keen eye on Wally. Wally is at 915 595 9000, room 360A should you have a reason to call him. ---- Walter Imahara - Tuesday 4/11/2006

I just spoke with Wally and he is hoping to be released over the weekend. The doctors will be conducting more tests on him Saturday morning and this should be the final testing before he can return home. He looks great, is in great spirits, and is catching-up on his reading! The phone number where he can be reached is (915) 595-9000, and he is in Room 360-A. He enjoys the calls. ---- Doug Briggs - Thursday 4/13/2006

I have been visiting Wally daily except yesterday. He went into testing this morning where the doctors conducted an angioplasty. I talked to him before the procedure this morning and was waiting for his call when it was over. After trying several times to reach him, all unsuccessful, I called the hospital operator and was informed that he was in ICU. I was finally able to reach him and he informed me that the doctors had put two stent's in the arteries leading to his heart. He is in great spirits, but a little aggravated trying to figure out how to use the bed pan when he has to keep his leg straight! Anyway, I will visit him at the first allowable opportunity! Have a great weekend and I'll send another update when anything changes. ---- Doug Briggs - Saturday 4/15/2006

Good news all the way around! Wally was released from the hospital on Monday, 17 April 2006, at approximately 6:30 PM and has been staying with my family at my house since then. He is currently sitting in my office and will be departing from El Paso this afternoon at about 2 PM. He looks great, feels good, and is VERY well fed. I have really been feeding him and he will probably have to move up a weight class! ---- Doug Briggs - Wednesday 4/19/2006

Les is also doing well and should be competing very shortly. His shoulder will heal quickly and we will again see him on the platform lifting some massive amounts of weight. Les did an outstanding job with the computer system and I hope he is back to lifting sooner than he thinks!---- Doug Briggs - Wednesday 4/19/2006